Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hackintosh dom. Do you hear about Apple's mATX case designed for Hackintosh community

What do you think about probable Apple's mATX case specially designed for Hackintosh community.

It may be a stylish aluminum case with Power Mac quotes or a new Cube with mATX support. Certainly there are high-quality aluminum cases produced by Lian Li. Like this for example:

We need Apple's first class design.
What should happen in –°upertino that they have made such a gift for us?

Apple please don't forget for Hackintosh community - army of new Mac switchers.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Google Hot trends Automator action to create keyword database

Few hours ago, I start playing with Mac OS X Automator application.
It is very very cool thing.
See here what I did?

1. You need an action "Load URL" to download every hour - Google hot trands RSS feed url is
2. Then you need to us an action "Finder rename" to rename loaded file. Rename the downloaded file in a unique.
For example: hourly - loaded filename, step 2 - 010523-hourly - renamed filename (jast add hours,minutes, seconds)
3. Rename again by adding (year,month, day), Result file look like 20080410-010523-hourly
4. Put your new process into Cron or iCal for every hour downloading.
5. Daily parse bounch of downloaded files into search keywords text file.
6. Start work 365 days and your will have a good keyword database in 2009 year.

Automator XSLT transform

If you are looking for a utility to transform XSLT in Automator then you must try Cocoatron

Cocoatron is the suite of Automator Actions for Mac OS X that brings drag-and-drop simplicity to creating and automating complex XML Processing Pipelines.
Cocoatron is a collection of Automator Actions that allow you to visually create an XML processing workflow inclusing XSLT, XQuery, validation (against DTD, XSD or Relax NG), and XInclude.

Here site link: Cocoatron

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Intel DG33TL Hackintosh Leopard installation

Here is Hackintosh Intel DG33TL based installation

1. Motherboard Intel DG33TL
2. Video - GeForce 7300GS
3. Audio - integrated but patched
4. Network - Integrated does not work, but I use a Realtek 8139 PCI addon card
5. Firewire integrated - works but not tested
6. USB works
7. eSATA channel work, but not hotplug. You can plug disk with eSATA, and it work fine, but you cant unplug disk.
8. Bluetooth works with CSR dongle
9. Apple wireless keyboard works fine
10. Monitor Nec Multisync LCD1970GX glossy screen

Some troubles with IDE controller, but for it does not matter.

See my previous post about initial Hackintosh setup.

Just move harddisk from old Hackintosh to new Intel DG33TL - based.
Fix some GFS string for work with Video GeForce 7300GS and now this setup work well.

Time machine is wonderful.

Where to buy this motherboard, just clicks:

More hackintosh compatible computer parts see here:
Hackintosh hardware parts