Thursday, December 14, 2006

10+ great hardware features the next Mac must have in XXI century

I am a switcher. Future switcher. Future Russian switcher. Who tired from Windows experience.
I start to study Mac's specification on the Web and dive into my dreams.
When I came back i decide to write this list.
Let's go. As the first world astronaft Yuri Gagarin said.

1. An Integrated ADSL modem
Hey, Apple, The 21st century has arrived.
Where is an ADSL port in your products?
Even in Russia it has spread to the last village.
The price for circuit is about 5 bucks.

2. An Integrated GSM/GPRS/EDGE/CDMA/BLABLABLA module
O, yes, You say, buy a phone. iPhone. myPhone. yourPhone.
I want it all in Mac.

3. Put the Fax-modem back
Today once in my life, I needed to get a fax, but my Windows Fax doesn't work. Viruses. Billi blin.
Probably if I had a Mac, I have not been able to work with a fax.

And put a good voice-modem API into next release of MAC OS X. For what? For me. It is my personal request.

4. Please, add a fingerprint scanner
Dokole(How long), I must type millions password. I hate this stupid work.

5. New Battery life standard
Is this 6 hours That is all that you can offer your customers. Apple, I know, You can. You have not eaten.

24 hours long life battery and solar removable panel solves this problem.
Or your may be introduce power profiles like speedstep technology.
Processor and memory low speed.

6. Easy removable display
Your Mac turn into standalone processing module without screen.
No screen more buttery lifetime.

7. X10 Home Automation integration controller or more powerfull technology
You are building a Digital Universe. What about bus integration with the home equipment?

8. Ethernet over power line controller
Minus one wire. You are like it.

9. Integrated Flash backup or main partition
Probaly your know about Flash-storage for notebooks.
You can add a second storage with stable OS X for emergency case or for low power profile.

10. Secure EPROM memory for onwer identification
Make Hijackers life harder.

Bonus. Thermometer and pulse-meter will be a good gifts. And Mac will be happy to get feedback from user.
Bonus 2. Remove DVD writer and paint white house in the red. The old russian anecdote.
Bonus 3. All frequency universal receiver. It exists.

Regards. Your future switcher.

Dmitriy Zhizhelev
Russian programmer

P.S. To be Continued...

Posted 14 december 2006

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