Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Intel DG33TL Hackintosh Leopard installation

Here is Hackintosh Intel DG33TL based installation

1. Motherboard Intel DG33TL
2. Video - GeForce 7300GS
3. Audio - integrated but patched
4. Network - Integrated does not work, but I use a Realtek 8139 PCI addon card
5. Firewire integrated - works but not tested
6. USB works
7. eSATA channel work, but not hotplug. You can plug disk with eSATA, and it work fine, but you cant unplug disk.
8. Bluetooth works with CSR dongle
9. Apple wireless keyboard works fine
10. Monitor Nec Multisync LCD1970GX glossy screen

Some troubles with IDE controller, but for it does not matter.

See my previous post about initial Hackintosh setup.

Just move harddisk from old Hackintosh to new Intel DG33TL - based.
Fix some GFS string for work with Video GeForce 7300GS and now this setup work well.

Time machine is wonderful.

Where to buy this motherboard, just clicks:

More hackintosh compatible computer parts see here:
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