Monday, April 7, 2008

Nokia 5200 iSync plugin freeware

A month ago, I tried to connect my new Nokia phone
iSync in 5200 to the Mac OS X Leopard. I was disappointed. My
Nokia 5200 slider is not supported by the builtin synchronization utility.
I went to the web.
After a couple of nights, I made a little trick and configured Nokia and iSync.
Later, I found on the Internet, the image of my phone, corrected it in Photoshop, and made a package for iSync plugin for the Nokia 5200.

Now, you can download iSync plugin here:
Nokia 5200 iSync plugin (186kb)
Do not frustrate on russian freehost message, just click link with file on its page.

Exract zip file and put Nokia-5200.phoneplugin file into /Library/PhonePlugins/ on your system harddisk.
Please, feel free to get feedback for me.


Dani said...

Spasiva Dmitry, runs perfect for me on Leopard. Thanx a lot from Spain.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks! It works flawlessly.

James said...

Excellent, it seems to work for me and also sent my Google Calendar data from iSync too :-)

I used to own a Windows Mobile and it took me several hours of messing around to make that synch with Outlook in Windows.

I've just done exactly the same on my Mac with my new Nokia and it took about 30 seconds :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dmitriy! It works good! Leo from Romania

Victor said...

Dmitry, Thanks a lot from Colombia, it works good with my nokia 5200… Muchas Gracias

Anonymous said...

My mobile says that I have to close "the application". Obviously there's no application running (except for the OS, but that would sound stupid).
Thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!! It runs perfect for me.
From Venezuela.
Muchas gracias. Funcion├│ perfectamente en mi Imac con Leopard.


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Anonymous said...

You are the best!!! Thanks you SOO much!! It worked perfectly for me!!! Hero of the day!

Rasmus, Spain.

Julien said...

thanks a lot, works perfect :D